So Where Was I…?

The last time I posted was…February?!? Oops! Sorry about that.

Too much has transpired since I was here last to list it all, but I’ll give you the highlights. I’ll try to keep it short, I promise. Let’s see…


Spring arrived in Texas.


We got some more ducks…


…and few cows…




…five Angora goats…




…and some Black Copper Marans, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and Lavender Ameracauna chicks.


My incredible and very adventurous mother came to visit. We’re already trying to talk her into returning.


The process of planting raspberries, peach trees, apple trees, figs and pomegranates has begun. 


Peas, carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers have been started in garden boxes which are actually repurposed shipping crates. With some luck, we will get a fence up to plant a big garden very, very soon. (Last fall, we tried a garden without a fence. It didn’t take the feral hogs long to find it.)


Thanks to my brilliant husband, using an IBC tote and a water pump, we now have running water whenever the generator runs. Which means I can use the washing machine. Which basically gives me 16 hour per week back. Have I mentioned how amazing my husband is?

We are going on six months of living off grid. Six months. Whoa…that’s weird to think about. It has gone from being impossible to manageable to euphoric. I’ve learned how to function without endless electricity and water. It’s hard to explain just how freeing it is to know that we are slowly becoming a little more self sufficient every day.

I must say, the strangest development around here has been the evening noise. You know how you’d expect to hear crickets and a few birds out in the country at night? Well, we do hear them, but imagine my surprise and disbelief when my husband and I stopped putting up the animals to hear the sound of (are you ready for this?) lions. Real ones. In Texas. I’m serious. See, we discovered that there is a facility about a mile from here as the crow flies that rescues large cats. Really large cats. Zoo cats have nothing on these tigers which, judging by their size, eat an entire cow each and every day. Rumor has it that a few years back, a bad storm damaged their fences and a family of mountain lions presumed to have escaped started picking off cows and entire herds of goats until the local farmers rounded up most of them. Of course, mountain lions are also native to Texas, so who knows? From a quick driveby, it looks like a fascinating place. The kids and I plan on going on ones of their tours soon. But still, as I tuck the kids into bed to the sound of a lion’s roar, I do find myself often pondering, ‘From what exactly do lions and tigers need to be rescued?’ I am just thankful that there are fields and fields of cattle (or tiger decoys, as I now affectionately call them) between us and them.


9 thoughts on “So Where Was I…?

  1. So glad you’re back! I missed your posts. And I love love love that you guys fall asleep to lion and cat roars. I mean, are you in the wilds of Texas or the wilds of Zimbabwe?! Very cool.

    1. Aww…thanks, sweet lady!
      Haha! Yes, I often wonder about how African women in the country feel hearing that sound without huge fences between them and the lions. Or maybe they build huge fences? I wonder how they keep lions away?

  2. jennyhud

    So good to hear from you too. Was thinking about your adventures with no electricity! I figured it must be planting season out your way. Lucky! We are getting snow AGAIN!

      1. jennyhud

        It’s been flurrying all day. I’ve been waiting to put my seedlings in the ground. 3 weeks behind now!

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