One of Those Days

You know those days when the baby breaks more things than you can count, the middle ones are constantly squabbling and calling each other (gasp!) “bad”, and your oldest is tired and grumpy from being up too late? The same day the invitations you’ve been working on for two days just won’t come together so you scrap it and start over, only to realize you need to make yet another trip to the craft store? Or when the power goes out and it’s 97F outside, and when you call the power company to check to see if the power will be back on in 20 minutes as promised, it turns out it will instead take another three hours? Of course, the baby finally falls asleep the same moment you decide it would be best to just wait it out at the store.
Yes, it’s been that kind of day. And it figures. Yesterday, aside from Mary randomly streaking through the house, it was a productive, organized day. The universe is only attempting to maintain balance.
At some point, I will be going to the store tonight. And you can bet on gelato coming home with me.